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What is Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful and extremely effective method of natural therapy. It involves the transfer of healing energy "KI" through the therapist to the patient, through the gentle touch of hands. Special arrangements and positions of the therapist's hands, specially selected places energy on patient's body and a unique, relaxing atmosphere Reiki treatments are characteristic for this method.    

    The Japanese word "Reiki" means literally "universal life energy". Life energy flows through everything that exists, animating, creating and constantly renewing. Vital energy, internal energy, breath, will, internal force of the body is the most commonly used meaning of Reiki energy. Its free flow through the human body guarantees physical, mental and emotional health. 
    Sometimes, however, that as a result of negative emotions, grief, insult, sorrow, or experienced severe stress, the free flow of vital energy is blocked.
Then appears illness, a person needs help. The longer the duration of the blockade of energy, the illness and her symptoms are more serious. 
Reiki therapist can help you. During the treatment is able to direct the stream of vital energy in order to stimulate the body's defenses; remove blockade and prepare the immune system to self healing.
Using Reiki energy also support in every good action reinforces the positive intentions and creative thinking. Patients have a growing sense of safety and security, because the energy of Reiki, if we let her work, balances us on all levels of our existence: the Body, Mind and Spirit.
Reiki also gives awareness of these processes and a hint how to get out of this. There is no real healing of the body without healing emotions, no real forgiveness and change ways of thinking.
Reiki is mainly energy of love. Reiki can not harm anyone. It is a perfect relaxation. It is a great and effective therapy available for the everyone.
Effects of treatment:
Honestly performed treatments and lifestyle changes the patient and his diet with simultaneous intake of dietary supplements as well as the inclusion in the treatment of other methods of holistic (holistic) healing produce great results.
They provide not only reduce the level of pain and relief of symptoms illness, but above all give a feeling of recovering inner power and joy of existence.
Love yourself, and you will be healthy

The reason for majority of illnesses is the lack of positive feelings. We lack above all, love to yourself and self-acceptance. Thus, eg. problems with stomach, liver, intestines, heart palpitations, and persistent headaches, though research does not show any physical changes. Very often, the lack of self-acceptance is the reason for the formation of tumors, neurosis, women's diseases, depression, lack of immunity.

I strongly believe that the imperative of being good is very much rooted in every person. I am convinced that Reiki as the Universal Life Energy - strengthens them, and is creative and positive. Its action cleanses the heart from of hate and prejudice. Gives capability to love yourself and others. Helps to heal the wounds of the soul and body. After meeting with Reiki person is not ashamed to be a good and with respect to treat yourself and others.

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