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Information for Reiki treatments

 The ancient art of Reiki healing

  •  It supports conventional treatment, especially chronic diseases
  •  Accelerate recovery, supporting treatments before and after surgery
  •  Strengthens the immune system
  •  Eliminates problems of joints and spine
  •  Improves the flow of blood and lymph
  • Supports the treatment of infertility
  • Supports the self-healing power of sleep disorders, concentration and memory
  • Deeply relaxes, relieves stress

Basic Reiki treatment takes about 30 minutes.
Treatment + (directed energy to a specific disease, addiction ...) takes about 40-50 minutes.
The course of treatment Reiki is an energy scan of the patient's body, cleansing and energized 7 primary chakras and aura cleansing of the patient.

Energy is transmitted with your hands, touching or approaching them to the patient's body (Reiki flows freely through clothing).
The touch is only a delicate placing hands, free from any pressure or activities typical for manual healing techniques. This is not a massage, even though the treatment lying on a specially prepared for this massage table. It is important that the person experiencing the treatment was comfortable and warm. In the event of a cold, you cancover it with a blanket.
Treatment the patient remains in your clothes, not necessarily anything removed in addition to shoes, metal ornaments, and glasses.

Reiki is energy totally positive, subtle, and yet extremely effective.
At the time of treatment for both receiving and transmitting can it feel pleasant warm, hot, cold, tingling, pulsating, sometimes slight pain that quickly passes, and sometimes nothing, at least nothing noticeable at a time. It all depends on what a person needs at any given time, to have his body recovered balance and ability to self-healing.
After the session may experience symptoms of body cleaning with defaulting in it of toxins, for example, the sniffles, sweating, frequent urination, rash, diarrhoea. They go by itself, usually after two days. Are not too burdensome, because we feel then, exceptionally well.
To help the process of cleaning, which is part of the healing, you should drink more water (about 8 glasses a day) and use the easily digestible diet.
Reiki has a positive effect on everyone who has experienced it.

 For satisfactory energy effects sometimes just one treatment, but usually takes four meetings. The first two meetings, day after day, possibly separated by two days, another later, e.g. after a week. With chronic diseases, in addition to the mandatory four, may need regular meetings-every 10 days, or once a month.
 No one can promise that Reiki will remove from organism any disease or miraculously heal deadly sick (which does not mean that miracles do not happen). Does not grow back finger or leg amputated, will not change the shape of the body, and the old man suddenly does not improve muscle mass. But the use of Reiki energy can bring out the full potential of the body to health. Will make the cut on the finger heals almost instantly, any injury will heal, the old man will be great sleep well and probably will improve his eyesight. Pear-shaped body or lemon will be the most beautiful and the most relaxed body of this shape.
Reiki affects the human comprehensively, works on all levels, speeds up the process of the treatment of conventional methods, interacts with prescribed by your doctor drugs and other treatments.
Reiki relieves pain by introducing inner peace, so that in spite of certain deficiencies and inborn restrictions, everyone can derive joy and satisfaction from life, to keep as much health as possible as the age and circumstances.

 How to prepare for treatment Reiki?

 Not exist some special demands to Reiki reached the recipient. All that is needed is hands healer and consent of the person who wants to experience the miraculous power of this energy. The healing process will be more effective if you follow a few guidelines.
Come to the treatment, if possible, fresh from the shower, do not use perfume, do not smoke immediately before surgery, do not drink alcohol.

Remove all metal jewelry - can disrupt the natural flow of energy. 
At the same time, if the patient has any metal implants such as cardiac pacemaker, do not interfere with the treatment. Reiki is an intelligent energy, which will treat these devices as part of the patient's body. 
If you have any problems, tell about them.
Trust the person carrying out treatment. If you have any doubt or you feel a strong surge of energy (maybe you yet unknown), tell her about it.

Before and after treatment, the patient and the therapist leading treatment should drink a glass of water.

Just before treatment, you should use the toilet that did not interfere with the continuity of the session.

After the treatment, when the body and mind experience deep relaxation, you need to give yourself a few minutes to get back to reality.

Ethical rules and legal activities of a certified healer.

  1. Practice Reiki does not replace a doctor.
  2. At the time treatment, Reiki will be activated self-healing forces. They will not be placed any medical diagnosis or performed medical therapies against the law.
  3. Will not be issued any recommendations regarding medication.
  4. You will not be given promises of healing.
  5. Touch used during the treatment is only gentle touch of hands, free from any pressure or actions typical of manual healing techniques.

Reiki sessions are carried out in conditions of complete safety both physical and mental.

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