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Lapis Lazuli

The bracelet and earrings made ​​from small pieces of natural mineral - lapis lazuli, polished with no sharp edges.
Set increases consciousness, is conductive to communication, activates Third Eye and streamlines mind.
Lapis lazuli is a stone that improves well-being, generates vitality and creative expression of mind. Highlights natural talents. Beneficial to relationships. Directs mind to find inner selves, strengthens it and helps to recognize human nature.
It strengthens willpower, inspires, improves concentration and clarity of thinking. It brings happiness, good mood and joy. It affects the throat chakra and the third eye, making it easier to articulate thoughts- because of this property it is called the stone of friendship. Relieves depression, it is very beneficial for the nervous system. Relaxes, supports the immune system. Perfect for the throat, thyroid, thymus and bones. Helps with insomnia, dizziness and back pain. Detoxifies body, lowers blood pressure, cures warts and growths.

Stone of strong hair - slows down the process of hair loss. It neutralizes stress, restless sleep, poor circulation, nightmares, edema, and epilepsy. Essential with easing neuralgia pain and all sorts of inflammation.
Earrings Dimensions: Length without hook approximately 5cm, size of stones 0.4-0.9 cm
Bracelets Dimensions: inside diameter. Approximately 5cm; width: 2.5 - 3cm, size of stones 0.4 - 1cm.
The stones are strung on transparent elastic.

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