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Crystal Mountain

Cristal Mountain (Quartz)
Crystal quartz(mountain) activates the Crown Chakra, cleanses body and energy field.
Crystal quartz is connected to the crown chakra that opens and activates it for receiving universes’ positive energy and also spiritual messages, hints. It cures stress, angina, thyroid disease and dizziness.
Also helps in relaxation, cleansing and strengthening the body. It gives energy, illuminates the darkness allowing man to find himself.
Crystal Quartz is a great radiation reflector, cleanses our aura of all negative energy. From time to time wash pendant, earring and bracelet under running cold water and and energize in the sun or in the ground, under a tree.
The bracelet and earrings made from small pieces of natural mineral – crystal quartz, polished, no sharp edges.

Earrings Dimensions: Length without hook approximately 4.5 cm, size of the stones 0.5-0.9 cm
Bracelets Dimensions: inside diameter. Approximately 5cm; width: .2.5 - 3cm, size of the stones 0.4 - 1cm. The stones are strung on transparent elastic.
Pendant Dimensions: Dimensions average:     length 2.5 cm, width 2 cm and
Length 3.2 cm, width 1.4cm

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