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 Amethyst polished

The bracelet and earrings made from small pieces of natural mineral - amethyst, polished with no sharp edges.
Amethyst, slightly polished (no sharp edges) as a pendant- has natural, healing properties. Beautiful decoration for any jewelry enthusiast that is open to receive crystals and minerals power.
Set for people dealing with spiritual growth, calming, activating the upper chakras, as well as protection against betrayal.

Amethyst strengthens friendship and intuition, feeds inspiration, helps to stay calm, find inner peace and spiritual consciousness. Increases psychic abilities, sends away depression, and attracts guardian spirits. Protects against unfaithfulness from the man. Reduces migraines, soothes pains, calms down and harmonizes.
Amethyst is connected to the Crown Chakra and Third Eye, opening and activating them to receive the energy from the universe, spiritual messages and hints.

Pendant Dimensions average: 3cm length, width 2cm
Bracelets Dimensions: inside diameter approximately 5cm; width: 2.5 - 3cm, size of stones 0.4 - 1cm.
Earrings Dimensions: Length without hook approximately 5cm, size of stones 0.4-0.9 cm

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