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Lemons -
Lemons slightly polished (no sharp edges) as a pendant- has natural, healing properties. Beautiful decoration for any jewelry enthusiast that is open to receive crystals and minerals power.
Lemons is quite rare mineral. Strengthens optimism, well-being, joy, courage, positive attitude, convalescence, energizes. Makes sure to have a safe journey, exacerbating the perception. Brings happiness and helps to fulfill destiny. It is a stone of success.

Helpful with problems of pancreas, endocrine glands, stomach, digestion, diabetes, fatigue. It improves digestion, cleanses  blood and whole body. Acts well on the kidneys, intestines and heart. It affects the solar plexus and cross chakra.

Photo of the first - Dimensions average: length 2.5 cm, width 2cm
Second image - Dimensions stone about: length 1 cm, width 0.5cm
                          Dim.silver basket: length 1.8cm, width 1.3cm

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