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Monday, 24 November 2014



Construction of the crystal reminds us that we are part of, depending on the combined network, an intelligent universe, and that we must respect his rights. And all of this is a reflection of the rights of "sacred geometry", where we - the people, as a part of the universe, we are subject. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, which is in a state of continuous transformation. Even the structure of the human body is based on the same principles, which operate on all levels of the universe - including a holographically in itself all the information about the universe. Still repeating geometric patterns are the basic building blocks not only our bodies, but also all animals, plants, planets, solar systems and galaxies. Human body also is connected to a network of energy channels (according to Chinese philosophy - meridian) connecting the energy centers called chakras. Our life is nothing but the energy circulating in us and allowing us to experience a million impressions - sensory, emotional, intellectual or spiritual. Chakras store and transmit vital energy, and all together make up our individual field of electromagnetic energy called the aura. Each energy center is responsible for the proper functioning of the relevant organs or entire systems as well as for the corresponding spheres and aspects of our life (relationships with loved ones, family life, the material realm, feelings, creativity, etc.). The structure of the globe like crystal structure. Just like in its construction, also on our planet, there is a kind of symmetrical network of active nodes (places with particularly high energy, which are places of worship) analogous to the atoms in the crystal network. Lines connecting the birthplace of the oldest civilizations (min. pyramid in Giza, Mohenjo Daro in India, Easter Island, Machu Picchu in Peru - the center of the cult of the Incas and other holy places) form the vertices of the network of regular pentagonal. Lines connecting these special places for our civilization are called lines of Geomatics. Along these lines, as well as through energy channels, took place over many thousands of years rationally inexplicable transfer of information, knowledge, creativity, religions and cultures among civilizations, which have never met (the formation of an unexplained sites: amazing buildings, structures, pyramids - in remote, unconnected with each other places on Earth).

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