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Clover (Trifolium pratense L.)

This inconspicuous-looking plant has a positive effect on the metabolism and also acts as a diuretic, antispasmodic and expectorantThe raw material herb red clover (otherwise known as red clover or spinner) are flowers (Flos trifolii Rubria) and herb (Herba trifolii Rubria). The plant is fairly common, because for therapeutic uses raw materials mostly from the meadows. Clover harvested, dried, store in a cool, dry place. With the beloved smell, this plant is increasingly being used by florists.
Operation and use of clover
Thanks to its purifying properties clover is recommended in various skin diseases (such as eg. Psoriasis). Infusions of the herb alleviates distressing symptoms of cystitis and urinary tract infections. They can also be used for disorders of the digestive system operation. Moreover, infusions of red clover are recommended by persistent, dry cough, whooping cough, the bronchitis and other respiratory ailments.
Irreplaceable wraps and baths
Red clover is widely used as a drug acting externally. Packs infusion are recommended to relieve rheumatic pain, itching and swelling of lymph. This form of raw red clover may also be used for skin abscesses and first-degree burns. In addition, infusion added to the bath is very helpful in the treatment of various gynecological diseases; in turn pounded fresh flowers to give relief from itchy skin, insect bites and burns.
How to prepare a bath cloverleaf?
A handful of clover must pour 2 liters of boiling water. Then the whole cover, leave for 30 minutes, after which time the drain. This prepared infusion pour into the bath with warm water. The bath should take time approx. 15 minutes.
Cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend swimming with flowers of red clover because they have antiseptic, detoxifying and strengthening.

Instead of hormone therapy
The results of recent studies indicate that the herb red clover contains substances of estrogenic that can be used instead of hormone replacement therapy in women during menopause. It has been found that estrogen clover are best absorbed when administered through the skin. Therefore, the most effective is considered to baths with clover brew.
Fresh clover inflorescences can be added to salads. They can also be pickled for winter, like cabbage and serve as an addition to dishes.

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