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Moonstone (shade of beige- pink), slightly polished (no sharp edges) as a pendant- has natural, healing properties. Beautiful decoration for any jewelry enthusiast that is open to receive crystals and minerals power.
Moonstone soothes the emotions, brings balance, wisdom, peace of mind, caring and compassion. It brings happiness to your personal life, supports intuition and look into our soul. It removes energy blockages. Helps with depression, frees from periodically repeated unwanted patterns and behavior.
It helps in women matters: pregnancy, childbirth, regulation of the menstrual cycle, relieving premenstrual stress and menopause symptoms. It brings a youthful appearance, beneficial to the skin, hair, eyes, pituitary gland, blood circulation and fertility.
Helps to relieve constipation, to retain water in the body, ease swelling, bites and anaphylactic shock. Beneficial for hormones and the lymphatic system. It can protect us from evil, cast off negative vibes and attract instead good and cheerful ones. Opens the heart and helps in receiving and giving love.
Used by a woman – increases her attractiveness activates the kundalini energy and increases ability of clairvoyance.
Used by a man - it stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, non-linear thinking and gain emotional balance.

Dimensions average: 2cm length, width 1.2 cm

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