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Thursday, 30 July 2015


Doctor treats but nature heals. It is true known for centuries.
Herbs are medicinal plants, which owe their properties of active substances. For centuries, we know their effects on our body, we learn to use them and treat using them. Herbs have been used by humans for thousands of years for various ailments. Herbs are natural medicine - safe and not having side effects that are harmful to humans.

In my herbarium I present to you the herbs that you know and you do not know. They are often inconspicuous plants at the sight of which comes to mind you, just the word "weed". Already many times I met people who see how I'm sitting in the meadow and I break dandelions, daisyes or clover, with astonishment asked "what do you need these weeds"? Or seeing on my plate violas, rose petals, daisies or marigolds, they say, a beautiful decoration. Only few people know that this "decoration" is edible and very healthy.

With wonderful, even magical properties of herbs you can use them in different ways. You can make teas, infusions, decoctions, lotions, ointments, creams, cosmetics ...
I do not promise that I will teach you everything about herbs because I do not know everything about them - no one knows.

Medicinal plants are plants that affect the functioning of the body (organism), so the decision to undertake treatment you should consult with your doctor!

Now get to know the secrets of the herbs

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