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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Health on the plate

So about how to maintain or restore a health :)

Take your health into your own hands. Instead of ingest tablets, eat tasty and healthy.
This topic, this is the place where I will put recipes. Definitely you will not find steak on the grill or rabbit in sour cream. Even bouillon will not be cooked on animal carcasses. As I mentioned earlier, I put here recipes for HEALTHY eating.
Rule, what is healthy diet can be found here

You see, it is often so we eat something because it tastes good and looks good. In general, we do not wonder why today we would have liked dish with garlic and another time on a pineapple. It's our organism gives us know what they need us to be healthy. How is it possible ? You see, when in our body lacks iron, iodine, copper, we can have a taste for pineapple. At other times, we need to lower the blood sugar level and then we can have a taste, for example, eat garlic.
But we need not wait on signals the body. We can take care of yourself by eating such foods that provide the body with essential nutrients. We also by properly balanced diet cure or prevent various diseases from rhinitis to cancer.

I invite you to healthy cuisine :)

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