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Saturday, 18 June 2016


My dear friends, due to personal development, I renewed the diplomas for practice Reiki. Now I can help the life-giving energy.

My line of Masters : Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Furomoto, Claudia Hoffman, Mary Shaw, Christine Henderson, Bruce Way, Ariane McMinn, Mona Khalaf, Dharmadevi, Aga Pasha

 Reiki is a wonderful and extremely effective method of natural therapy. It involves the transfer of healing energy "KI" through the therapist to the patient, through the gentle touch of hands. Special arrangements and positions of the therapist's hands, specially selected places energy on patient's body and a unique, relaxing atmosphere Reiki treatments are characteristic for this method.        


Reiki is mainly energy of love. Reiki can not harm anyone. It is a perfect relaxation. It is a great and effective therapy available for the everyone.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Health on the plate

So about how to maintain or restore a health :)

Take your health into your own hands. Instead of ingest tablets, eat tasty and healthy.
This topic, this is the place where I will put recipes. Definitely you will not find steak on the grill or rabbit in sour cream. Even bouillon will not be cooked on animal carcasses. As I mentioned earlier, I put here recipes for HEALTHY eating.
Rule, what is healthy diet can be found here

You see, it is often so we eat something because it tastes good and looks good. In general, we do not wonder why today we would have liked dish with garlic and another time on a pineapple. It's our organism gives us know what they need us to be healthy. How is it possible ? You see, when in our body lacks iron, iodine, copper, we can have a taste for pineapple. At other times, we need to lower the blood sugar level and then we can have a taste, for example, eat garlic.
But we need not wait on signals the body. We can take care of yourself by eating such foods that provide the body with essential nutrients. We also by properly balanced diet cure or prevent various diseases from rhinitis to cancer.

I invite you to healthy cuisine :)

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Doctor "Herb"

in this section I will write how nature copes with various diseases or other problems.
Friends did not once ask me for advice on how to deal with this or that illness, cosmetic or aesthetic problem. So I decided to add this on the blog to help you solve your problems.
If you can not find answers to your questions, email me @'ll try to help.

I'm not a doctor or a herbalist, I am an enthusiast of Natural Medicine and herbs; so do not take my words as oracles but only as a council.

I wish you health, your New Galatea :)

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Thursday, 30 July 2015


Doctor treats but nature heals. It is true known for centuries.
Herbs are medicinal plants, which owe their properties of active substances. For centuries, we know their effects on our body, we learn to use them and treat using them. Herbs have been used by humans for thousands of years for various ailments. Herbs are natural medicine - safe and not having side effects that are harmful to humans.

In my herbarium I present to you the herbs that you know and you do not know. They are often inconspicuous plants at the sight of which comes to mind you, just the word "weed". Already many times I met people who see how I'm sitting in the meadow and I break dandelions, daisyes or clover, with astonishment asked "what do you need these weeds"? Or seeing on my plate violas, rose petals, daisies or marigolds, they say, a beautiful decoration. Only few people know that this "decoration" is edible and very healthy.

With wonderful, even magical properties of herbs you can use them in different ways. You can make teas, infusions, decoctions, lotions, ointments, creams, cosmetics ...
I do not promise that I will teach you everything about herbs because I do not know everything about them - no one knows.

Medicinal plants are plants that affect the functioning of the body (organism), so the decision to undertake treatment you should consult with your doctor!

Now get to know the secrets of the herbs

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Monday, 18 May 2015


RAVEN - animal power , guardian of magic

„The Rawen takes on the colour of emptiness, a black hole in space, where the whole energy of the creative source is.” (the words of the book - Healing Power Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson)

Raven activates magical powers and combines them with our Free Will. He is the guardian of magic used during practice distance healing. Directs the beneficial process of change in consciousness that will lead to the creation of a new reality and avert disease.
According to Indian notions Raven participated in the creation of the world and he was endowed with supernatural strength and magical abilities; probably because it is considered the symbolic bird of the Yukon Territory of Canada.The Navajo Indian religion is worshiped as a guardian of wild game, and the myths of the Tlingit Indians as the founder of civilization.

Raven magic is identified with: Transformation, Sexuality, Creation, divination, the Witch, A change of consciousness, the power of thought.
Raven is the patron saint :  Visionaries and seers. It also supports intelligent people who seek to broaden their knowledge.
Raven as a totem :  the adept bestows power and healing, changing his karma and illuminates the way he walks practitioner.
Time of the year identified with Raven :  Winter.
Color identified with Raven :  Black.
Tree equated with Raven :  Ebony.

The above description briefly describes the elements that should be combined with Raven during a magical practices aimed at this extraordinary animal. Certainly in the case of Shamanism, Natural Magic and Wicca - Raven may prove to be a useful companion.

These are just examples, because it is rich in symbolism of the raven.

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Monday, 24 November 2014



Construction of the crystal reminds us that we are part of, depending on the combined network, an intelligent universe, and that we must respect his rights. And all of this is a reflection of the rights of "sacred geometry", where we - the people, as a part of the universe, we are subject. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, which is in a state of continuous transformation. Even the structure of the human body is based on the same principles, which operate on all levels of the universe - including a holographically in itself all the information about the universe. Still repeating geometric patterns are the basic building blocks not only our bodies, but also all animals, plants, planets, solar systems and galaxies. Human body also is connected to a network of energy channels (according to Chinese philosophy - meridian) connecting the energy centers called chakras. Our life is nothing but the energy circulating in us and allowing us to experience a million impressions - sensory, emotional, intellectual or spiritual. Chakras store and transmit vital energy, and all together make up our individual field of electromagnetic energy called the aura. Each energy center is responsible for the proper functioning of the relevant organs or entire systems as well as for the corresponding spheres and aspects of our life (relationships with loved ones, family life, the material realm, feelings, creativity, etc.). The structure of the globe like crystal structure. Just like in its construction, also on our planet, there is a kind of symmetrical network of active nodes (places with particularly high energy, which are places of worship) analogous to the atoms in the crystal network. Lines connecting the birthplace of the oldest civilizations (min. pyramid in Giza, Mohenjo Daro in India, Easter Island, Machu Picchu in Peru - the center of the cult of the Incas and other holy places) form the vertices of the network of regular pentagonal. Lines connecting these special places for our civilization are called lines of Geomatics. Along these lines, as well as through energy channels, took place over many thousands of years rationally inexplicable transfer of information, knowledge, creativity, religions and cultures among civilizations, which have never met (the formation of an unexplained sites: amazing buildings, structures, pyramids - in remote, unconnected with each other places on Earth).


Gift of Nature

Minerals were formed on our planet for millions of years. They are an integral part of the earth and in their formation affect the interaction of all terrestrial elements - earth, water, air and fire, as well as huge sources of energy which are the Sun and the Energy Space.

Natural stones are formed so the interaction of these same factors whitch are necessary for the creation of every life. Chemicals included in the rocks and minerals are the same as in living organisms, including humans. In addition, any mineral or crystalline solid (crystal) as a result of natural geological processes has an ordered internal structure of atoms. The internal network of the crystal has a space for its permanent configuration of atoms that is repeated many times in all of its volume. In a nutshell: the atoms of the crystal lattice by vibrations interact with each other to produce a high-energy electromagnetic phenomena. Natural stones are therefore a huge source of energy that we - the people, we can learn to consciously use. 

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