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Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye-
The bracelet and earrings made from small pieces of natural mineral - tigers eye, polished with no sharp edges.
Set strengthening, increasing the sense of security, a solid base. It helps to increase prosperity and strengthen aspect of the matter.
Tiger eye - stabilizes, provides steadiness, foundation, increases sense of security. Supporting self-discipline helps to realize dreams. Assures financial independence and brings wealth. It supports personal strength, power of will and rightness. It integrates spirit with matter. Also has protective properties. Works beneficially for the solar plexus chakra and the base.
On the physical level - helpful in diseases of the biliary tract, liver, gout and arthritis.
It affects the solar plexus chakra.

Pendant Dimensions : 3 cm length, width 1.8 cm
Earrings Dimensions : lenght without hook 4,5cm x 1,2cm
Bracelets Dimensions:: inside diameter approximately 5cm; width: 2.5 - 3cm, size of stones 0.4 - 1cm.
Earrings Dimensions: Length without hook approximately 5cm, size of stones 0.4-0.9 cm

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