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Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

Marigold (lat. Calendula officinalis) is a popular flower that grows in North America, Europe and Asia. Not without reason, it is often called marigold medical. Wherever there is a known and used his extraordinary healing properties. Natural medicine knows many ways of using it, both in terms of the use of external and eating all kinds of infusions.
It has a very strong cleansing the body, protects against the harmful effects of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory drug and diastolic, intensively regenerates and moisturizes the skin and hence the successfully used as a component of creams and cosmetics.
Among indoor applications calendula may be mentioned prevention of gastritis, hyperacidity and bacterial diseases of digestive tract, an effective treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. It also has properties that inhibit the growth of tumors and strengthens immunity. Marigold also lowers blood pressure.
Advised for people who are in the process of convalescence after surgery. It has an invaluable impact on the stomach, because it increases the production of gastric juice, improves digestion and relieves pain associated with the disorder.
People with the disease should peracids stomach before using consult your doctor or herbalist.
Women all over the world appreciate the fact that it brings relief during menstrual pain.
As used externally in the form of a cream or ointment is used for treatment of hemorrhoids and varicose veins, effectively affects the process of wound healing and burns. Marigold also helps to accelerate the healing of bedsores and frostbite, also works well with less serious but bothersome symptoms such as chapped and dry lips. Calendula ointment helps with insect bites, alleviating swelling and itching ..
It is also recommended that in the case of infection of the throat, mouth and larynx, also alleviates the symptoms of inflammatory reproductive organs.
t is also worth noting that in addition to the body also brings a calming the nerves, eaten in the form of teas.
Marigold is one of edible flowers. As part of the therapy, you can add its petals in salads or other dishes. Best eaten raw, because then retains all its properties.

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